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Not having had much exposure to the middle class lifestyle, I wasn’t really sure what to do with the two heads of fennel I pulled out of the waitrose veg box. To be honest, I hadn’t been entirely aware it was even edible. Oh it makes good tea, I know that much, excellent for the digestion apparently although not as good for it as peppermint in my opinion.

But thank goodness for the internet, to the rescue once again. I now have a selection of possible recipes and my choice, in the name of fiscal responsibly, will be whichever one requires the purchase of the fewest additional ingredients.

Meanwhile, the complimentary bottle of wine I received, for being a loyal ocado customer for a twelvemonth (due in part to the superb ocado app, it’s usefulness knows no end), remains unopened because alas I have no wine glasses. Still! After living in this flat for over a year. What can I have been doing?! All those little trips to places like tk maxx and ikea…can they really have been for nought? Or surely someone must have thought “I know what would make a good house warming present…” Then there were those days, those heady foolish days when I used to relieve various inns and watering holes of their cumbersome excess glassware. Even a brief return to old habits would see me quickly furnished with a suitably unmatched set. But the karma points, what would become of them? So resisting the impulse to drink out of a tumbler as well the temptation to teeter out to the brink of the slippery slope known as “drinking alone,” my free bottle of Chilean generic white wine sits in my fridge door between the orange juice and the Lindisfarne mead, waiting patiently to fulfil it’s one purpose in life…lowering my inhibitions until I do something to embarrass myself. Perhaps drinking alone isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Karma points for not drinking alone: +1

Career points for spending the afternoon in the library: +3

Total so far…

[to follow next time I open my laptop, editing is too much of a faff on this phone.]

Edit…as promised:

  • Karma: +3
  • FRP: +22.9
  • Relationships: 0
  • Family: +1
  • Friends: +5
  • Career: +5
  • Fitness: -4
  • General: -6