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I don’t often employ the vernacular in my exclamations of victory but this makes me want to yell “BOOM” while punching the air, my fingers contorted into some sort of gesture that would only be of significance to the teen population of Woolwich.  It is true, the joy of coining a new word is almost equaled by being able to find it via a search engine.

If I’d done my homework, I’d have known that the perceptron already existed, not as a subatomic particle but as a single layer neural network.  I toyed with the idea of calling it a percepticle instead but the suffix was all wrong and made it feel as if it did not belong in the particle family, the last thing I wanted for my new discovery. Fortunately, thanks to the beauty of the English language, it is possible to have one word with several different meanings. As an example, try looking up the word “set” in your own copy of the OED.

Now don’t go thinking that just because I said “single layer neural network” that I have any idea what it means. I’m not a computer geek. Quite the opposite in fact. I am every bit the technophobe and will amuse you presently with tales of ineptitude.

Meanwhile, one of my favourite authors during my teens was Robert Heinlein.  One of his works may have been my first or second encounter with the unreliable narrator – before I’d ever heard the term.  Back then, the idea that what was left out of a narrative could be as, or more, important than what was included stretched my Vygotskian zone of proximal development almost to breaking point.  I must confess, therefore, to being a little guilty of unreliable narratorship myself.  Here are other perspectives on “But no, I was just a little busy yesterday” [from Friday Photo of the Week II]:

So first I share your perplexment about bananas, second you’re reem to me & a, third you were a great wingman, and four that man got the right hump with me too what a tool!!

The biscuit lover

I’m not sure how I feel about being “reem” – apparently it’s a good thing…right?

I think you should award yourself at least 3 Friendship points and 3 PP’s for last night.. 1- for being an awesome dance floor buddy, 2- for not ditching me for beer goggle boys and 3- for our special hair holding moment in the ladies.

The soundtrack to my tacticals

Excellent, I certainly will.

A parallax, successfully lending depth to unreliable narrative.

While I imagine most women of a certain age worry about becoming their mothers, since I was assured by a colleague many years ago that this was inevitable I have stopped worrying and just got on with it.  After all what can I do?  Having come to terms with my deep suspicion of iPads and reconciled myself to the fact that people just won’t do what you tell them no matter how much better it would be for everyone if they did, I surprised myself by doing something more likely to be observed in the Paternal Tech-Wiz.  Walking along the street one morning I saw something carelessly discarded on the pavement and thought “oh, that’s handy, I need one of those.”  Not having a little resealable plastic pouch, designed for just such an occasion, about my person I had to make do with popping it into my coat pocket and hoping for the best.  Fortunately, it did not migrate to some physically improbable limbo, accessed through the holes in our pockets and the backs of washing machines.  Rather, it remained in my pocket until I remembered its existence and I am pleased to say that my locker token is now securely fastened to the zip of my little bits and bobs/work things pouch along with my staff ID card. By means of – and this is the exciting part – the little clippy hook thing I found on the floor.

Friendship points for the reasons described above: +3

PPs for the same: +3

Total so far…

  • Karma: +4
  • FRP: +22.9
  • Relationships: 0
  • Family: +1
  • Friends: +5 [Supplementary PPs: +3]
  • Career: +7
  • Fitness: -6
  • General: -1