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Knowing full well that you get what you pay for, I’m not sure why I expected a free bottle of wine lumped in with my groceries to be pleasing.  Yes, in case you are wondering, I caved.  I am on my own and it is in a tumbler.  Let s/he who is without gin cast the first stone.  By saving it, I was only building it up into something more special than it deserved to be and that was such a great injustice to all the decent £10-£15 bottles of wine out there. Not that I would buy any of those if they weren’t on special at the supermarket – a place I rarely frequent.

Isn’t it strange how just the very state of expectation can lead to so much disappointment.  We create a wondrous scenario in our minds, full of sparkles, smooth editing, atmospheric lighting and flattering camera angles and then what happens?  Wine becomes unpalatable while other people miss their marks, forget their lines or step out of character.  How dare they?

Shoes on the other hand, will never let you down.  Last year, a few months after being sbarazzatosi, I had a dream where my erstwhile companion pulled me aside and said “Why are you being all about how great life is and what shoes you’ve got, that’s not you, or not the you I want to see.”  In the dream, I was hurt and offended.  When I woke up I thought “But that’s exactly what I’m like…didn’t he know?”  He probably didn’t know, I was having major identity crises the entire time we were stepping out together.  But that’s sorted now and I’m still quite a lot about the shoes.

Fortunately for my sensible bank balance, I’m not plagued by addictive behaviours.  Rather than emerging from under a 6ft pile of shoes every morning, I have a system.  If I see shoes I like and they cost more than £10, I have to wait for 2-3 weeks before I buy them.  Since shoes that cost less than £20 are rarely of any decent quality, I am naturally prevented from making ill-advised impulse purchases. For the rest of them, if during that time I cannot stop thinking about them, if they are the first thing I think of when I get up and the last thing I think of when I lay down, if in short I heart them, then when the allotted time of my waiting is up, I will buy them.  If they are gone then it simply wasn’t to be. No biggie.

I have to rave briefly about how great my new alarm clock is.  By forcing me out of bed after the requisite 7 hours sleep, it is consistently adding 2 and a half hours to each one of my days off work.  Over a 4 week period, where I work 13 shifts including a few nights after which I don’t get up at a normal time, I may be getting up earlier on 10-12 occasions. That is over 25 hours!  This app has added an entire day to my month, 2 weeks to my year.  I think it is no exaggeration to say, even though it is still very much early days, that it has changed my life.  Not only do I feel less tired as I am no longer over-sleeping, but my washing up and my laundry are done and my hair is clean.  When the weather gets warmer, I will have plenty of additional space in my diary to go for a run.  Now all I have to do is ensure I don’t take all this extra time in my life and use it for evil.

I was getting expectant and excited about accruing a tasty bunch of FRPs following the receipt of payment for my first ever bank shift.  But lo, someone in the office has missed their mark, forgotten their lines or whatever it is they do up there on the third floor and I am left with nothing to do but subtract 5 points for all the money I’ve spent in the pub this week.  Must try harder.

GRPs for going with this alarm clock idea: +2

I got awarded a PP for getting my soundtrack’s phone number -because she’s so…popular – important to point out that I can’t award myself PPs, that’s just not cool: +1 (not that I think any part of what I’m doing right now is cool. I would never presume…)

CRPs for too much faffing when it came to arrangements for a rather important requirement for passing my course: -1

CRPs for managing to do right after all that faffing: +1

Total so far…

  • Karma: +2
  • FRP: +27.9
  • Relationships: 0
  • Family: +1
  • Friends: +6 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +8
  • Fitness: -11
  • General: +1