As houseplants go, these little chappies:


…are my pride and joy, though I can hardly take any credit. My meagre contribution of only remembering to water them once a fortnight pales in comparison with all the photosynthesising and growing they get up to when I’m not around.

Despite all my best attempts to kill them with overwatering or neglect, they have managed to survive, in some cases for years. It is strangely gratifying to know they don’t really need me at all.

My little kitchen windowsill collection might well be better off without me, I certainly wouldn’t be caught speaking to them or cherishing them or anything else equally embarrassing. But it’s nice to look at them and tell myself that I’ll do just fine, whoever may or may not be around to keep my roots somewhere between parched and waterlogged at unpredictable intervals.

And remind myself that if I’m like this with plants I probably shouldn’t have children.

GRPs for not procreating: +5

Family Points for having a cuppa tea with the Papaaah last night and making him some dinner to take away with him: +1

FRPs for persisting with taking packed lunches to work for the last 2 Weeks: +4.2

Total so far…

  • Karma: +2
  • FRP: +32.1
  • Relationships: 0
  • Family: +2
  • Friends: +6 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +8
  • Fitness: -11
  • General: +5