Person 1: you’ve gotta let people see the crazy, then they’ll love you anyway for who you really are.

Person 2: you need to open yourself up and let yourself be vulnerable to the hurt people might cause you.

To paraphrase:

Person 1: you’re a bit messed up but that’s ok.

Person 2: don’t be yourself, be like me, that’s much better.

I used to think Person 1 was slightly emotionally retarded while Person 2 was rather emotionally articulate. Since then, Person 1’s advice has turned out to be much more trustworthy so now I have to revise my opinions. I suppose the lesson is that people who advise you to be someone you’re not probably don’t have your best interests at heart.

The funny thing is neither Person 1 nor Person 2 will ever speak to me again. Obviously when I say “funny”…

GRPs for cleaning: +1

Total so far…

  • Karma: +1
  • FRP: +50.1
  • Relationships: 0
  • Family: +2
  • Friends: +6 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +5
  • Fitness: -11
  • General: +6