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Hello, loyal readers. I think, I think, it might be nearly spring. I can feel a bracing tide of hope in the air. Suddenly it’s getting light when I leave for work in the morning; I start to get too hot with my head stuffed into a stupidly big and wooly hat; I feel inclined to wear a slightly lighter coat.

And that is where it all goes wrong. I may hate routine but I am a creature of it nonetheless. The chosen method of preparing to leave the house each day consists of doing the same things in the same order for the same amount of time, usually moderated by the time announcements on the Today program. On the threshold of my peaceful abode I check for the same possessions in the same order in the same places using the mantra “keyspursephone.” So every now and then when I feel like I need a change and wear a different coat or take a different bag, I spend about a week forgetting my travelcard, getting locked out of my flat and losing my lipbalm. Because that is what happens when you abandon the system. Everything goes wrong.

Fortunately, I have a system for dealing with the mishaps which result from abandoning the system.  I now have a lipbalm in every handbag, my co-spacehopper who lives only a short bare-footed-pad down the road from me holds the spare keys and I have a spare (Kate & Wills commemorative edition) oyster card in my purse.  Although today, when I left my travelcard in my winter coat pocket, I happened to find the spare oyster card in my bag, not my purse, so I think I might need a system to pick up the slack from abandoning the system which protects from the mishaps of abandoning the system. Or at the very least change my mantra to “keyspursephonebuspass.”

In other news, my expected house guest did not stay the night but I don’t think the effort went to waste, my house is pretty clean now and hopefully it might stay that way for a while.  During her brief stay, she commented on how much she liked (what I like to call) the drawing room. She’d be the second person this week to say so. I can’t describe how much this pleases me. I put a lot of myself into that room. It is mine. It is even me.

Come in, and know me better man.

Fitness points for eating so much pizza I feel sick: -4

CRPs for working so many straight days and nights I can’t remember the beginning and not getting sick: +2

Family points for being too tired to return the phone calls and voicemails: -2

FRPs for forgetting my travel card and having to use PAYG: -0.5

Total so far:

  • Karma: +1
  • FRP: +97.6
  • Relationships: +1
  • Family: 0
  • Friends: +7 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +7
  • Fitness: -15
  • General: +8