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People ruin everything. Thusly:

Purple sky at night, Cadbury Turkish Delight…?

Could have been a really nice photo apart from all the people walking towards me, going about their business. How dare they?

Loyal readers, you know it’s true. How many of you day dream about how much better your job would be if only you didn’t have to deal with people all the time? The simple truth is humans are the weakest link. If there were no passengers the buses and trains would all run on time. If there were no customers the shops would never run out of the things you want. If there were no parents taking their progeny to school in their unnecessarily over-sized vehicles there would be no traffic jams (as anyone who goes to work during the school holidays knows – that short-lived bliss).

In other news, when animal rights terrorists start using sex to encourage men to go vegan, you have to wonder what market they are targeting. Guys who rate their macho-ness by their self-rated prowess, or their ability to inflict bodily injury, are the same guys who rate their macho-ness by how much meat they eat. People like that are a lost cause so you may as well save your money PETA and go back to car-bombing medical researchers (edit: and by that I mean “effecting the dissolution of your entire organisation”). I wish I was articulate enough to explain to the neanderthals out there why it is so wrong but it is so self evident to me that my language centre has been bypassed. I know there are others out there who can do it much better than me, I hope they use their powers for good.

GRPs for not washing the dishes since Sunday: -1

Karma points for giving good advice: +1

Family points for finally seeing one of them: +1

FRPs for what is probably the last bank shift for a while: +16

Total so far…

  • Karma: +2
  • FRP: +113.6
  • Relationships: +1
  • Family: +1
  • Friends: +7 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +7
  • Fitness: -15
  • General: +7