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I read somewhere, don’t ask where, once, don’t ask when, that you are more likely to be successful in keeping your resolutions if you start them in March.

It is now March and, disregarding this polar blast we seem to be experiencing, everything appears much more conducive to the task of “Getting things done.” Obviously there have been one or two setbacks somewhere along the way, as loyal readers may be able to discern from the tardiness of publication – the new New Year’s Day has been and gone. Had I not been exposed to a killer virus in the course of my professional duties I might have been a little more punctual. Better yet would be the pagan custom of starting the year on April 1st. I’d have another month entirely then.

Frugality hasn’t been very much of a problem since January – the FRPs speak for themselves. The difficulty has been with the previous resolution to exercise more. That is what I must get on top of now. The problem is, I don’t find it addictive the way some people do. Physical activity of any kind will always be a chore. I much prefer a nap. Loyal readers can perhaps only imagine the joy with which I read (or perhaps watched on TV, again the when and the where are mere details) that imagining yourself exercising is one third as effective as real physical activity. Picture my afternoons planted firmly on the sofa, rapturously exerting myself in make-believe jogging, swimming, or pilates. The science behind it is probably similar to that used by Derren Brown in his conjuring tricks. Having asked his willing participant to say a name in their head over and over again, he examines them closely for the inadvertent twitches associated with saying the word aloud. When we imagine ourselves exercising, the micro-twitches in our muscles associated with real exercise will have at least some benefit.

Unfortunately, having shown myself up as an utterly hopeless case this past week, a wretch incapable of even the most basic of self-care, I think I must redeem myself by jumping, body and soul, onto the real activity wagon. A new life begins again on the morrow.

It has been almost a week now since I unwittingly used the wrong toothbrush and nothing bad has happened [edit: to me, at least]. What can it mean?

FRPs for finally depositing that cheque: +0.5

FamPs for spending a delightful afternoon with the god daughter instead of sleeping off the night shifts: +1

Fitness Points for all the weight I’ve lost on this 10 day course of poison: +2

Total so far…
[Coming soon to a device near you…]

  • Karma: +14
  • FRP: +153.1
  • Relationships: +2
  • Family: +3
  • Friends: +9 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +14
  • Fitness: -13
  • General: +7