How is it that sensing one’s own inadequacy, real or imagined, brews such a storm of ill will? Luckily, upon returning to my humble abode, there is neither feline friend nor canine companion to become entangled in my spiteful feet. Nothing awaits me but a scalding hot immersion, chocolate cake and a refreshing lack of congeniality. Possibly some brandy.

Shades of former cocktails glimmer dimly in the past, with nothing but a photo of the week to show for them.


And yes, my dear biscuit- loving friend, that is a jammy dodger.

FPs for actually running: +2

CRPs for spending 10 minutes with the Chief Exec: +1

GRPs for washing all the dishes and taking food into work: +2 but for getting on the wrong train and doubling the duration of my journey: -2

KarmaPs for being generally grumpy but not taking it out on anyone: +1

[All refinements to follow when I look at a real computer…]

Edit…Total so far…

  • Karma: +15
  • FRP: +153.1
  • Relationships: +2
  • Family: +3
  • Friends: +9 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +15
  • Fitness: -11
  • General: +7