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Today is the last day of the first month in the new new year. Time for an appraisal. So how am I doing?

The fitness points speak for themselves, or at least they would if I wasn’t far from my own hermitage and composing this on my woefully inadequate “smart” phone. That is due in no small part to our unseasonably windless March. I’m am torn between wishing for an unseasonably rainless April and hoping that the water table is restored to levels necessary for agriculture. Perhaps if it could only rain in the countryside and over reservoirs, leaving urban areas for the enjoyment of people who have few other pleasures in life. But I digress.

I have had a lot of trouble keeping up with the whole making my humble abode an appropriate place for hospitality thing but I haven’t even begun to work on the internal environment for that yet so we can put that on the back burner for a little while maybe. I have spent most of the month avoiding cleaning as a work avoidance strategy, as soon as this essay is done I’ll be back out there with the dust buster or whatever you kids are calling it these days.

I’m ahead in the financial stakes though which was the main thrust of this whole initiative. I might set aside a little time later for sitting and staring smugly into the middle distance.

Career chugs along nicely. Social impairments affect all my relationships the same as ever.

See, it works much better when you start in March.

FRPs for not going into the overdraft: to be calculated upon my next visit to the virtual bank. [Edit…Ah, none. The joy of quarterly bills.]

Again, apologies for any typos. The Pater will be in touch shortly to inform me of any I have missed. Helpful and useful, I’m a lucky lady.

Total so far…

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: +162.1
  • Relationships: +2
  • Family: +8
  • Friends: +10 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +15
  • Fitness: +7
  • General: +4


Lyric of the week: Haven’t you heard? One is the new two.