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Once again, loyal readers, you find me prostrate, begging your pardon, having left you for so long. I have been busily trying to turn in a semi-decent piece of work with no time for any of my usual pleasures. People on the internet have remained unstalked, my carefully selected televisual guilty pleasures have lingered unenjoyed, and I have not yet denominated that most paradoxical of states whereby your curiosity is great enough to cause you to wonder but not of a sufficient extent to move you to consult the internet.

And yet I hope I am not begrudged a small tick at the corners of mouth in the direction of a satisfied smile since, despite all this living that I must do, I have made time for another photo.


A pint, on a boat, in London, of an evening; just the most charming way of frittering away one’s life. Personally, I think the clouds could have made a bit more of an effort towards the dramatic but perhaps there is rather too much melodrama in my particular patch of south London to warrant a more picturesque heavenly display.

There, I said it, south London. I know how to get around the city without relying on the tube network or taxi’s, I don’t engage in that embarrassing faux European practice of planting a “mwah” on each cheek of every person I’m acquainted with and my humble abode is not only bigger than yours, it costs less too.

Sorry, I got caught up in some north/south rivalry for a moment. How London-centric of me. Where are my manners?

In an unconscious attempt to lose that tatty umbrella I mentioned, I left it at work a few days ago. Upon my return, I was not accosted by the sight of it so I may very well have a good enough reason to buy a newer, prettier method of keeping the precipitation out of my hair.

CRPs for handing in my work on time, even though it isn’t very good: +1

RelaPs for an incredibly grown up conversation: +1

Total so far… will be with you presently, I do solemnly promise.

Edit…As promised:

  • Karma: +17
  • FRP: +160.1
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +8
  • Friends: +10 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +17
  • Fitness: +4
  • General: +3
Lyric of the week: Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a dream on ritalin.