Dear The Fair City of Granada,

I had thought to write you my thoughts before I got to Seville, in case I liked it better there. No such fear need have entered my mind. For a waif who’s heart had long been in the mountains there could be no other to better you.

I remember the exact moment I fell for you. While unsuccessfully attempting to use Google Maps rather than my own (far superior) intuitive sense of direction, I took a fortuitous wrong turn and broke out upon a vista which took away both my breath and my heart in one fell swoop. The crowded slopes of the Albaycin dropping away through the cypress trees and palms to the lush valley of the Darro stream, while towering above it all the Alhambra palace glowing rust and gold in the sun.

What a silly thing I was to fear that anywhere could better you. Even after that sight of your generous wonder, as I surmounted slopes which were neither for the faint of heart nor the flip-flopped of foot towards my mountain cave hostel, as I finally gave in and decided it was time to ask for directions only to discover I had already walked past the place twice, I still entertained the notion that I should curtail my stay with you in order to lengthen my time in Seville. How heartily glad I am that I did not succumb to this faulty grass-is-greener reasoning.

You, Granada, my heart’s own darling, were a gem to forgive my faithlessness. Knowing I would find in Seville nothing but a flat expanse of grandiose monumentalism, dotted with a mere one or two curiosities to delight me, you were secure in the possession of your own Moorish beauty.

No feeble attempt at photography on my part could do you justice, but at least I would never be tempted to photoshop a sunset behind your magnificent hill top palace, like the sinister post card vendors have done. Your beauty stands on its own merits and needs no adjustment to appeal.

Consequently, I was pleased to discover this week’s photo amidst my collection. It was taken at the gardens of the Generalife in such glaring sunshine that I could not be sure at the time what I was capturing. On subsequent perusal, I find this humble offering rather pleasing and I hope others do to.


If I could, I must tax your generosity far enough to express the only concession I am willing to make on behalf of your urban sister. Seville, at this time of year, smells quite heavenly. The scent of a thousand blossoms fills the air from morning until night. I would have it bottled and presented to me as perfume if only I could hope to distill such a perfect essence without corruption.

It’s just such a pity that you, Granada, must always be in Spain, a country so diabolically opposed to vegetarianism. If I could have you stripped of your geographical vestments and moved brick and stone to my own sweet homeland I don’t know how my happiness could be further increased.


Your most faithful and (hopefully) forgiven visitor.

FitnePs for spending two whole days climbing up and down the steep hills of Granada: +25 (seriously, I checked it on myfitnesspal!)

GRPs for having to buy clothes instead of finding time to do the laundry: -1

FRPs for same: -4

KarmaPs for a lack vigilance resulting in accidental meat ingestion: -1 (oh, how I hate myself).

Total so far… to follow.

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: +156.1
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +8
  • Friends: +10 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +17
  • Fitness: +4
  • General: +2


Lyric of the week: Could it drag a tear from your cold eyes?