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In much the same way as my life slowly stole away TV watching time until there was nothing but living going on, it seems the little mundanities of everyday life have stolen away the time I would normally dedicate to writing to you, loyal listeners.

That and the fact that the mouse cursor on my laptop had started to behave in a rather erratic fashion and, rather than accidently buying Poland in a series of frantic automatic clicks, I thought it safer to leave the internet alone until the problem was fixed.

Fortunately, having recently captivated an IT genius, the problem was quickly laid at the feet of the, apparently second rate, AC cable (well I was warned) I had purchased for a not inconsiderable sum from my formerly favourite electronics retailer.

Since then I have been doing a lot of cooking, sleeping, baby sitting, working, watching comedy, running, putting up curtains, moving furniture, hunting down bargains and any number of activities which might naively be described as “living.”

Here is some of the food:


Mozzarella, basil and tomato tartlets, carrot and celeriac mash and sweet potato and butternut squash risotto. (Recipes available on request – all veggie). Yum, right?

FRPs for spending only £7.50 £10 (maths fail) on three, count them three, dining chairs (more on this later): +0.5

FitnePs for 2 pretty good runs this week (training for my “Smashing the Marathon in Under 3 Hours” pace): +7

KarmaPs for switching to soya milk and supporting local businesses: +2

GRPs for moving some furniture around and cleaning some of the windows: +2

FRPs awarded to @polkadotskirts (soon to be clinical neuroscientist, give or take a few months) as requested for savings outweighing spending: +20

CRPs for working with the juniors: +2

Points totting to follow, really have to head off to work now…


Total so far…

  • Karma: +19
  • FRP: +156.6
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +8
  • Friends: +10 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +18
  • Fitness: +11
  • General: +4


Lyric of the Week: The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one – but still they come.