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I know, I know, it isn’t Friday!  But didn’t you read my last post? I’ve got stuff to do and things.  The previous two days were largely spent entertaining my “Fairly Odd Daughter” and washing sick out of my hair.

Not only is it not Friday, but believe it or not there is no photo either.  The best photo taken this week is a picture of my precious charge looking as though she is about to tuck into a bottle of Crabbies (other alcoholic ginger beverages available).  However, I hesitate to place her likeness in such a public forum so she is visible only to all the people who know me on Facebook, should you happen to be one of them.  She looks very at home with a big bottle of booze in her lap.

So, the dining chairs, let me tell you.  In the fair hamlet of Lewisham, there is a charity shop just for furniture.  I had given up on the idea of finding practically free benches to go with my ridiculously large dining table (bought originally by someone whose humble abode was much more humbly sized than mine) and had instead fixed upon the notion of finding some chairs that just didn’t go together.  The seating arrangement up to that point consisted of a blanket box which I shall heretofore paint this colour with an egg shell finish. Not, I might add, bought from the aforementioned website but rather procured from a nice chap who mixes up anything you like at the back of the ironmongers in Camberwell (and yes, I do still say “ironmongers.”)

While perusing the shop, just in case, I came upon a most suitable chair with a hideous green velvet seat. “Not to worry,” thought I, “it’s an insignificant job to reupholster it”.  This chair was going for the comely sum of five English pounds and I was informed there were no others to accompany it.  Bargain number one.

Upon my return the next day to collect my purchase, a different chap let it be known that there were indeed more chairs.  Two, by chance, had the same hideous green velvet upholstery though with a very different design and shade of finish to the wood.  After hearing they were going for £10 each, I didn’t even need to feign indifference, there would be other chairs, leaving these extortionately priced specimens behind would cause no heartache.  By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, they had crashed in value to £10 for the pair, a little more tempting. Reasoning that I could paint them all the same shade as the blanket box and upholster them with different fabrics to emphasise the intentional mismatching, I nonchalantly agreed to the transaction. By the time I got to the till and, in my opinion, having only exhibited the most cursory friendliness, the price had yet again halved. Bargain number two.

Obtaining 3 chairs for such a smidgeon of pocket change more than makes up for the money to be spent on paint, electric sanding, a staple gun and upholstering fabric. I’m sure.

Today, my rather fabulous IT genius has been doing the manly sanding, while I have been sprucing up the place, moving more furniture around and fixing light fittings.  Playlist to the day’s occupations:

Pulp; Brian Ferry; Gary Numan; Daft Punk (Tron Legacy soundtrack); Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

FitnePs for hurtling along for 20 minutes earlier this week (anaerobic exercise…good?): +2

CRPs for starting to think about a career rather than a job: +1

FRPs for a bank shift: +16

GRPs for making the place all tidy again: +2

FrienPs for taking on the little treasure for a couple of days and handing her back all in one piece: +2

To Do this week: Get my pay rise sorted [ ]

Total so far…

  • Karma: +19
  • FRP: +172.6
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +8
  • Friends: +12 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +19
  • Fitness: +13
  • General: +6

Lyric of the Week: I will do my scientific best to command your fleet.