Collision of the world’s two coolest things:


Yes, that is a Lego camper van…


Although not as much as I want this festival novelty. At £300 I could tell myself “weeeell it’s only one and a half bank shifts” but if I’m going to be doing bank shifts it’ll be going into the Australia/Eclipse Fund (“But what is that?” I hear you ask. Another time.)

Well excited about festivals this year. I’ll be at Wireless on the Sunday, Kendal Calling and Bestival. Not in a veedub tent though. *sulky face*

FitnePs for two runs this week: +5

FitnePs for eating too much this week: -4 (it’s the night shift snacking, I swear!)

GRPs for managing to still have a tidy hovel: +1

FRPs for finally getting paid for that lecture: +2.5 (about 1p per hour spent stressing over it.)

Total so far…

  • Karma: +20
  • FRP: +175.1
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +10
  • Friends: +13 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +19
  • Fitness: +1
  • General: +9
  • Hospitality: +1
Lyric of the Week: Every time I close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise.