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Repeatedly throughout my childhood, incredibly misinformed grown ups would pat me on the head and tell me these were the best days of my life. I can’t say I knew they were lying but I do remember harbouring some incredulity on the grounds that this couldn’t be the pinnacle of my existence otherwise there really would have been no point in going on. “Oh,” they told me, “just wait, wait until you have to work and look after your kids and pay the bills, then you’ll see.” As it turns out, I like my job, I don’t have kids and it’s much easier to pay the bills when you have a job and no kids. Then on top of that, when you’re a grown up you can do whatever you want!

So I’d really like those people to know they couldn’t have been more wrong. If these aren’t the best days of my life then they soon will be and here’s why:


That’s right, a cable car!

Not being much of a fan of democracy I resisted pressure to vote in the recent mayoral elections for London. I was working nights so that made it a lot easier to snub the guilt trips. Don’t judge me, I live in a country where the public voted for a dog as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent. Can you really tell me those people, us, all of us, can be trusted with important decisions like who should run our cities and indeed the country as a whole? Really? Really?!

Upon confessing to a pro-Ken acquaintance that I slept right through the election he responded with a rather terse “it’s people like you that keep Boris in office.” Outwardly I joked “that’s right, blame the nightworkers.” But inwardly I was triumphantly fist pumping because that miserable brat Ken would probably have scrapped the cable car as soon as got his miserable bratty hands on it and I am not having that. I have come too far to have to live in a city without a cable car!

Such is the foundation of my decisions. Democracy is better off without me.

FRPs because I didn’t need to buy anything for the study until I’ve actually created a space for it: -2

We’ll tot up in the morning as I nurse my hangover…

Edit: No hangover! Yeah!

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