Lamentably, I’ve become the person I have little respect for. You know, one of those people who you look at and think “I’m so glad I’m not you” or “I really don’t know how you manage to function in the adult world.”

Upon waking 12 minutes after I was supposed to meet someone in Soho, my first thought was unprintable. Some time after this, my next thought was that I’m the worst friend ever. When the dust of my shame settled, I started to reflect. How has it come to this?

Well, how has it come to this? I believe it’s a combination of factors. First and most importantly, I’d been working nights, not altogether an excuse or an explanation as my friend had been too. However, add to that the fact that I then tried to be hardcore and stay up to do some studying and the picture starts to make more sense. On top of this, switching off my post nap alarm and saying to myself “I’ll just close my eyes for a minute” opened up the way for a perfect storm of failure.

I could draw comfort from the fact that a mere 14 minutes later I was on a train or that all together I was only an hour late but I’m not sure I deserve it. Perhaps I had better draw comfort from the knowledge that my first thought on waking wasn’t “[unprintable], I’ve done it again!” Or indeed from the knowledge that there actually could be worse friends than me.

In the end, a good night was had but I think it will cost me some points.

KarmaPs: -1
FrienPs: -1

Total so far…

  • Karma: +19
  • FRP: +133.1
  • Relationships: +4
  • Family: +10
  • Friends: +13 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +11
  • Fitness: +5
  • General: +7
  • Hospitality: +2