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This morning, just for fun, I decided not to listen to Today on BBC Radio 4 and switched over to 5Live instead. What a refreshing change. Thoughtful debate, sensitive interviewing, a balanced viewpoint. I’m not sure I can ever go back to what Jane Martinson in her Guardian blog amusingly and aptly calls “willy-waving.”

I’m having to choke back the little bit of sick that rises into my mouth at the thought of John Humphrys’ willy but in essence I agree with her argument and the commenters who point out what an ignorant, rude and unpleasant interviewer he really is. I say sack him and replace him with Eddie Mair (but keep him on PM too) who actually knows how to interview someone without making himself look like a gormless daily fail reader only capable of regurgitating ill-informed opinions.

This might be a bold step to take but I’m publicly declaring that I will not listen to Today until that neanderthal willy-waver either retires, is sacked or dies. Whichever is the soonest.

Now, I must begin my quest for a replacement breakfast radio programme. I’ll try 5Live for a while and see how that works out. I did try Radio 2 but my ears were assaulted by incoherence and lack of fluency – who was that man?! If 5Live doesn’t please me, I might try World Service although being regaled with real problems from around the world every morning can be incredibly demoralising. I’ve never listened to Radio 3 breakfast times before, I don’t even know what they do! Radio 1 is obviously not a serious contender as I haven’t been target audience material for at least 10 years. Radio 6 is a possibility but I don’t really want too miuch music in the morning, I want an interesting discussion about what is going on in the world every morning. And here was me wasting all this time listening to Today, what a numpty!

You’ll notice I haven’t even considered commercial radio stations. The unfortunate thing is that even though they can be very entertaining, I can’t bear the commercials. Those stupid little jingles that get stuck in your head and you find yourself humming them hours later, regardless of any of the music you’ve heard before or since. I can’t be doing with that.

could try a local station, GLR or whatever it is. To my mind however, it just seems to be composed of interminable traffic reports. Maybe John Humphrys could go and wave his willy around over there out of harm’s way.

FitnePs for running for the first time in about 3 weeks and still being fit!: +4

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