There will in fact be no photo this week. I had a really good reason for it but I can’t remember. If it comes back to me I’ll add it in here for your delectation.

I’m currently procrastinating. I should be writing an essay. My last one before I get a qualification I’ve wanted for about 4 years.

The essay is about hope. Or rather fostering hope in others. I believed very strongly that unrealistic or unfounded hope was toxic to the soul, resulting in a deeper, more bitter disappointment in the end.

But at the same time, I couldn’t find it within myself to take hope away. Especially when that is all someone has to cling on to.

Now I’ve discovered that hope can also be an expression of loyalty. By hoping for the best outcome, you are demonstrating your love for that person, even if you know the reality will likely differ.

I’m glad I found this out. It eases my mind, shows me I haven’t done the wrong thing by allowing others to keep their hope.

My own hopes were often misplaced. For how long can you keep believing in someone, explaining away the disappointments and failures? The unquestioning loyalty of a puppy is rarely rewarded with what is desired. More likely a kick.

Fortunately, I was incapable of perpetual loyalty although I don’t know which ran out first, that or hope.

What about optimism? Is that the same as hope? Probably not. My perky optimism has me looking for the brighter side in all things, including people, but without expectation. So I may be disappointed in the reality but it won’t be so bad.

FRPs for deciding to go with some car insurance: -43

FitnePs for feeling too poorly to run: -1

KarmaPs for offering to help find the cure for HIV: +1

FamilyPs for finding out all about them via an inlaw: -1

CRPs for writing this instead of my essay: -1

Total so far…

  • Karma: +19
  • FRP: +106.8
  • Relationships: +6
  • Family: +9
  • Friends: +14 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +8
  • Fitness: 0
  • General: +2
  • Hospitality: +3
Lyric of the Week: Don’t be no fool when love really don’t love you.