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I think we can take it as a given now, loyal readers, that I like to use the term “Friday” in its very loosest sense.

I’ve been a busy little bee today, mostly to make up for yesterday which was full of my usual post-night shift malaise. I baked some vegan banana bread. If my soundtrack-providing friend had provided some happy chicken eggys it might not have been vegan. Since I can’t bring myself to buy eggs I had to adjust. My last attempt at vegan baking was some birthday cupcakes in February 2011. They seemed to be well received but given my heart broken state at the time, no one was going to criticise. Personally I was a little disappointed with my efforts. I haven’t tasted this year’s bounty just yet but I have taken a photo:

Like my scales?

I have added walnuts and dark chocolate chips to the cake and sprinkled the top with walnuts, hazlenuts and more chocolate chips.

In another, admittedly surprising, burst of productivity I tidied my room. I’m in a bit of a bind with the dressing room. My creativity is hampered by a couple of chairs which I can’t be rid of. I have no idea how to place them to make the room more appealing. The carpet is plain and dull but not plain and dull enough to be a blank canvas. It also needs a thorough steam clean. Sadly, the spider population of London has been decimated today (yes, I do mean “reduced by a tenth”). It’s not good karma but it’s hardly my fault they’re so messy, leaving their webby secretions everywhere to gather dust and unsuspecting people.

The reason I tidied my room (clearly not because it was messy) was to provide a suitably grown up setting for my new indulgence. I have decided it’s about time I got some proper (i.e. expensive) bed linen. Reluctant as ever to pay full price, I went to the nation’s favourite outlet store and got myself some high thread count 100% cotton neutral shades and a throw. Said throw might come in useful on one of the few occasions in the year when the 13 tog duvet is really just too much.

I also treated myself to a pair of pillows. My dilemma with the fundamentals of bedding is that I know feathers feel great. They’re light, they’re warm, they’re soft. Beautiful. But they horrify me. I find it hard to look at them never mind surround myself with them while I drift off to some other plane to be plagued by nightmares of them [medical nightmares aside: today I dreamt I had an open fontanelle that was sunken so far I could feel under the bone. Where was my brain you ask. It was there, ok! I was just very dehydrated!!]. So I have to content myself with inferior hollowfibre or memory foam fillings. Or, the latest advancement in pillow technology, a combination of the two. As it turns out, my current pillows were not that uncomfortable after all, they just needed bigger pillow cases. Still, I’m very much of the opinion that one can never have too many pillows. The results of my labours can be seen thusly:

It might be even more grown up if I did the ironing...

The wings for my fancy dress costume came today. They are still in the cellophane as I was too horrified to take them out. I knew this would happen.

FRPs for my grown up obsession with thread counts: -8 (I did save at least twice that by buying discounted wares…)

KarmaPs for killing all the spiders (“all” as if!): -1

FrienPs for hanging out last night instead of staying in bed: +1

Total so far…

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: +93.8
  • Relationships: +6
  • Family: +9
  • Friends: +15 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +8
  • Fitness: -2
  • General: +1
  • Hospitality: +3