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This week, loyal readers, there is some disparity between the life I live in my dreams and the existence I eke out in reality.  Nocturnally I find myself dream cheating as supermodel Kate Moss, passing out in bath tubs in grand house parties, and most disparate of all, breaking a world record.

Yes, that’s right. Not I only did I take part in a competitive sporting event but I did rather well at it. What event, you ask? I ran the marathon. The unfeasibility doesn’t stop there. Rather than smashing it in just under 3 hours, as is my current ambition [slightly too strong a word], I ran it in 2 hours, 7 minutes and 56 seconds. Yes, a full 7 minutes and 29 seconds faster than the current womens’ world record and only 3 minutes and 42 seconds off the current mens’ world record.

Three dream thoughts were circulating in my dream mind while revelling in my dream victory:

  1. I wonder if my marathon-running IT genius and weekly defender of my honour will feel able to congratulate me…
  2. This is quite a surprising victory considering I stopped for lunch.
  3. I hope I can get hold of one of these pictures of me with my medal because this would make an excellent Friday Photo.

I submit my musings, without comment or analysis, fully aware of their ridiculous nature.

Diurnally on the other hand, I have mostly been attached by the eyeballs to my newest device:


Having just finished Water for Elephants, I find myself at the mercy of that peculiar kind of grief one experiences when finishing an immensely enjoyable and absorbing book. We need a word for that…

Dolorultimanymdɒlʊərʊltɪmˈənɪm /> noun 

The grief felt when finishing a good book. Literally: the sorrow of the final word.

I’m not quite happy with this one, I can’t imagine it being used widely.

Dolorultimanously, I have now moved on to reading The Night Circus, which as it turns out, might not be about circuses at all.

GRPs for either using a LOT more electricity in this quarter than in the previous year or for going an entire year on only estimated readings and finding it all catching up now: -2

Total so far…

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: +93.8
  • Relationships: +5
  • Family: +9
  • Friends: +15 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +9
  • Fitness: 0
  • General: -1
  • Hospitality: +3