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Most important lesson this week: Check your emails. Although quite how I’m supposed to do this when when afflicted with that paralysing fear of a full inbox I don’t know. If it weren’t for that I’d have had an entire extra day to fritter away. At least it got me out of the house and rather than spending an afternoon indoors learning about electronic records I had a rather lovely wander through an autumnal Bloomsbury and found some materials to indulge my creative side – if I ever find the time.

If my driving instructor taught me anything, it was these two indispensable gems:

  1. Don’t slow down. Ever. Consequently, I frequently find myself entertaining an unresolved desire to kill every time I’m stuck behind someone who insists on slowing down for things like speed bumps – especially those speed bumps that aren’t even real speed bumps if your wheels are far enough apart. Unless there is a danger of imminent death there is no need to brake. Stop it everyone, stop it now.
  2. When cars start driving on pavements, we’ll start braking for pedestrians. Pretty much an extension of lesson 1 but these finer details often need threading out.

And most recently of all: Swimming – I’m doing it all wrong. Well, I knew I was doing it wrong. It’s hard to do it right when you have a deep rooted fear of not being able to breathe. But I’m sorting it. This time next year I’ll be swimming sensibly, like a grown-up adult, rather than a drowning dyspraxic kitten.

Finally, nothing in life can be that bad when you wake up to this:


I hope northerners realise how lucky they are.

Ok, finally finally: Listening to Noel Gallagher makes it all better.

FitnePs for two swims recently – visible progress: +6

FitnePs for running up and down the hill in Nunhead Cemetery: +3

And did I mention the Park Run? I can’t remember. But let’s not talk about that, we’ll talk about it when I try it without drinking the night before.

GRPs for not organising ANY holiday stuff yet…: -1

GRPs for forgetting the lesson about putting the water in the pot when you’re making espresso: -1

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: -16.4
  • Relationships: +6
  • Family: +9
  • Friends: +15 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +10
  • Fitness: +12
  • General: -2
  • Hospitality: +3
Lyric of the Week: My eyes have always followed you around the room.