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I went to the supermarket and there were NO jaffa cakes. What sort country have I found myself in? Hopefully, one where I hear the phrase “steady on, there’s no front row seat for the SUN.” There won’t be any need for that though, everyone is far too friendly here.

Being a keen observer of the Signs, I could be forgiven my sense of foreboding. First there was the crow, pecking on the window at work. That has unfortunately left me rather oversensitive to all the secondary signs such as those in films and generalised avian conglomerations and recommendations for my next read.

Here in the sleepy coastal tourist-free village of Cairns, I now find myself wondering what the bats will do when the sun goes out and hoping I don’t discover.

Clutching my panel of welders glass and wishing I’d brought an umbrella instead, I join my fellow humans briefly to hope the clouds part with melodramatic timing:


Which of course they did, and quite spectacularly too. I can’t work out what was more fun – watching the eclipse or watching the people watching it. There is some quite spectacular eclipse chasing equipment out there. Poignantly, I had to have a sad little giggle at the people who were so busy trying to capture the Moment on camera that they didn’t have time to just look and make the memory. I rarely use my camera for moments anymore, I save it for something that might look nice on a wall one day.

Speaking of time, I’m experiencing a powerful lesson in how subjective it all is. My body has no idea what time it is living in. The clock may say 6am, the body says either meal time or nap time and it doesn’t care which. Such a very little departure from the norm. In the land of caffeine and sleeping pills the one who can sleep anywhere, anytime is king (or queen).

FitnePs for half killing myself with fitness bootcamp, running, cycling and swimming: +10!

GRPs for cycling through crocodile infested waters: -1

FRPs for coming to a really expensive country: -50

  • Karma: +16
  • FRP: -66.4
  • Relationships: +6
  • Family: +9
  • Friends: +15 [Supplementary PPs: +2]
  • Career: +10
  • Fitness: +22
  • General: -3
  • Hospitality: +3
Lyric of the Week: I wanna take you home…