Pseudoswear > Noun  A word that feels every bit as good to utter as your traditional Anglo Saxon expletive but without any associated offence

Following some generous donations, I have decided to maintain a list of my favourites. Feel free to suggest some of your own…

Here are mine:

  • Rowlocks
  • Ballparks
  • Oh bother
  • Bullspit
  • Diphead

Suggestions from a biscuit-loving friend:

  • Mothertrucker or mother funster
  • Shizzle
  • Dingbat
  • Donut (my favourite in this selection)

Suggestions from the paternal techno-wiz:

  • Faux pas
  • Ship biscuits (another favourite)

The latest, added from my not so smart phone and therefore not retaining the same format:

  • Flying fish (as in “I don’t give a…”) courtesy of the PE teacher at Robert Clack Comprehensive ’93-94.

A real blinder from Emily, the Franker Skinner show on Absolute Radio:

  • Shut the front door


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